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Netting Out NetBackup

NetBackup Appliance 2.6 Release Overview

Created: 21 Jan 2014 • Updated: 21 Jan 2014
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With the release of NetBackup 7.6 software, the NetBackup 5230 Appliance continues to save customers’ valuable time, reducing operating expenditures, in three (3) key areas: Performance and Scale, Usability, and Scalability.  
With the NetBackup 7.6 release, the enhancements are readily apparent as they are immediately visible on the new Appliance Home page and the enhanced NetBackup Appliance Web Console.  
It is important to note while this blog focuses on the NetBackup 5230 appliance and NetBackup 7.6 software, all of the features and functionality apply to the NetBackup 5200 series appliances as well. All NetBackup 5200 series appliances, under a current support agreement, may be upgraded to NetBackup 7.6* (NetBackup Appliance version 2.6).  
New Appliance Home Page
When you log in to the NetBackup appliance, it displays the Welcome to Symantec NetBackup home page. This page is displayed after you have configured the appliance as a media or a master server. Symantec has created a new home page that provides a quick Dashboard view of your appliance. It displays the status of the following components that determine the successful functioning of your appliance:
  • Storage - Displays the used storage space across the appliance. The information is dynamically updated to display the current storage utilization. 
  • Notifications - Displays the latest notifications for your appliance, like the connectivity status for the Call Home server. 
  • Hardware - Displays an overall view of the hardware health, with quick drill-down to the hardware monitoring view for details.
  • Deduplication Summary - Displays the current deduplication ratio pertaining to the current backup being performed.
The NetBackup Appliance Web Console home page also displays an expandable footer with links to the documentation set, Technical Support, and Symantec Connect. This footer is displayed for all the pages on the NetBackup Appliance Web Console. 
Redesigned NetBackup Appliance Web Console
The NetBackup Appliance Web Console has been redesigned to provide a more user-friendly experience. The interface includes more graphical representations for ease of use. The initial configuration wizard guides you through the process of getting your appliance communicating within your network and getting the storage partitions configured for backups. The post-configuration interface provides a new menu flow that lets you easily locate anything from hardware monitoring to reviewing and changing appliance settings.
While the look and feel of NetBackup Appliance release 2.6 is readily apparent, there are additional new features in three (3) other key areas:

 - Greater performance and scale

  • New 14 TB configuration (refer to NetBackup 5230 - 14 TB config blog): The NetBackup 5230 base unit is offered in either 4 TB or 14 TB configurations. The 14 TB base configuration is ideal for larger remote offices or branch offices that require greater than 4 TB capacity in a small form-factor (2U). 
  • Expanded deduplication capacity: Deduplication pool supports up to 72 TB, a 12.5 percent increase over the previous 64 TB deduplication pool size.
  • 31 percent increase in performance: NetBackup 5230 delivers 39.9 TB/hour throughput based on 72 clients, 2 streams per client, 98 percent deduplication.

 - Enhanced usability 

  • Next generation user interface: The enhanced Web console reduces installation time by up to 15 percent. In addition, improved sizing tools align performance, capacity, and I/O needs to the customer’s environment.
  • New installation wizards: Simplifies the configuration process and reduces common misconfiguration errors.
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration: Provides a "single sign-on" that may be shared between many services. 
  • Migration utility: Makes it easier to introduce new appliances into customer’s environment through automatic policy conversion(s) and seeding new appliances.

 - Improved supportability (refer to NetBackup Appliance 2.6: Improved Supportability blog):

  • Appliance Diagnostics Center: New tools and wizards to troubleshoot problems and optimize the customer’s appliance, including:
      - Test Call Home functionality
      - Collect log files
      - Test and diagnose network issues
      - Check disk configuration
      - Perform a hardware health check
    The Automated health checks and log collection enables faster case resolution through standardized data collection and pro-active appliance health checks.
  • Enhanced help system:  Provides faster and more efficient search capabilities. Symantec Help Center (SymHelp) is a browser-based, help delivery system with advanced search, autosuggest, and filtering capabilities.
  • Appliance checkpoint and rollback: Allows one user directed checkpoint, as well as appliance automated pre- and post-upgrade checkpoints, to revert to a previous configuration.  
NetBackup release 7.6 and NetBackup 5230 appliance are both Generally Available. Built on the strength of NetBackup 7.6 software, the NetBackup 5230 appliance continues to lead the integrated purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA) market.**
NetBackup 5230 offers both lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and higher levels of reliability to address organizations’ challenges today.  
For additional NetBackup Appliance information with NetBackup Software Release 7.6 refer to Symantec NetBackup 52xx Appliance Release Notes - Release 2.6.  
*  NetBackup 7.6 is the version of NetBackup software that the NetBackup Appliance 2.6 release installs. Information about the new features, enhancements, and fixes in NetBackup 7.6 can be found in the NetBackup 7.6 Release Notes document on the Symantec Support website:
** IDC Worldwide Quarterly Purpose Built Backup Appliance Tracker – 2013 Q3, Publication Date: 12/19/13.