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Netting Out NetBackup

NetBackup Appliances Doubling up on Capacity

NetBackup appliances increase usable capacity with Software Release
Created: 06 Jul 2014 • Updated: 07 Jul 2014 • 5 comments
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On Monday July 7th Symantec announced the release of NetBackup 5230 and 5220 expanded capacity.

While this may seem like another product “speeds and feeds” announcement, it is more than that. I believe there are three (3) reasons why this release is significant:   

  • Confirms Symantec’s commitment to NetBackup and NetBackup appliances.

  • Validates Symantec as a leading integrated backup appliance.

  • Delivers investment protection to our customers.

Don’t get me wrong, increasing the capacity is important, but the underlying message of “why this matters” is even more important. 

Our Commitment to NetBackup Appliances

I started with Symantec and NetBackup appliances a little more than three (3) years ago. Back then, it seemed the competition was constantly throwing FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) as Symantec was “only a software company”, and “not in appliances for the long-term”. Time has proven our competitors wrong. This release demonstrates Symantec is delivering on its commitment of doubling performance and capacity every 12 to 18 months. By supporting a third and fourth storage expansion shelves, NetBackup 5230 and 5220 customers can increase their system capacity: 

  • Increased physical capacity - NetBackup 5230 and 5220 models start at 4 TB and scale to 148 TB usable capacity. 

  • Expanded deduplication capacity - Deduplication pool supports up to 144 TB, a 100 percent increase over the previous 72 TB deduplication pool size. 

Validates our Success

Symantec introduced NetBackup appliances to address the operating expenditure challenges (Realizing OpEx Savings with NetBackup Appliance) our customers were facing in IT, and to provide our customers greater choice of software or appliance based solutions. With this capacity increase, we are still addressing OpEx, and providing our customers with even greater choice: 

  • Choice of base configurations - The NetBackup 5230 base unit is offered in either 4TB or 14 TB configurations and there are five (5) pre-built configurations: 4TB, 14TB, 28TB, 40TB, and 76TB. The 14 TB base configuration is ideal for larger remote offices or branch offices that require greater than 4 TB capacity in a small form-factor (2). The 4TB configuration is ideal for larger environments demanding both scale and performance. 

  • Choice of storage shelf capacity - storage expansion shelves are available in either 24 TB or 36 TB usable capacity increments. Customers are able to mix and match the different capacity shelves within a NetBackup appliance configuration. A NetBackup appliance now supports up to four (4) storage expansion shelves. 

  • Dynamic storage – Usable capacity can be any combination of up to 144 TB deduplication pool or 148 TB Advanced Disk pool (non-deduplicated storage).

Addressing OpEx and providing flexible choices has resonated with our customers as we have gone from 0 to 38% market share of integrated purpose-built backup appliances in three (3) years. 

Investment Protection

With the support of a 3rd and 4th storage shelf, this release allows customers to increase their capacity on their existing NetBackup appliance. In other words, early adopters of our NetBackup 5220 platform, along with current NetBackup 5230 customers can continue to leverage their existing investment by upgrading to the latest software release, expand the physical capacity, and extend its useful life. No fork-lift upgrade to a new or different system just because additional capacity is needed. Rather, customers can seamlessly double their capacity with their data in place. 

Symantec is committed to protecting our customer’s data and their investment in NetBackup. As the leading integrated backup appliance, this release highlights our growth and commitment to addressing our customer’s needs. Now you know why this release is more than “speeds and feeds” and “why this matters” to the thousands of NetBackup appliance customers.    

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captain jack sparrow's picture

hope this dedupe capacity increase is software wide... rather only appliances.. 

will non appliance MSDP be able to taste increased capacity of pool

 Cheers !!!


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Phil Wandrei's picture

The capacity increase in the article is specific to the NetBackup 5200 series appliances. 

For NetBackup software, stay tuned as there are plans for a future increase in deduplication pool size. 

On a side note, I am from the Twin Cities and have to ask if you are the CJS that ran for mayor of Minneapolis? 

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captain jack sparrow's picture

nopes phil... i'm  from apj india... 

 Cheers !!!


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rookie11's picture

Hi Phil 

I am an existing symantec customer. I have 4 NBU appliances in my datacenter. Ther were installed an year back. My question is related to cost in $. ( if my question not appropriate in this forum please let me know , i will start a new thread)

Cost of NetBackup Appliance 5220 , Base Unit Storage (unit_1)       |   4.5429 TB  and Base Unit Storage Expansion Unit Storage (unit_2)  |   35.470 TB   ???????

Cost of NetBackup Appliance 5220 if i want to add Expansion Unit Storage (unit_3)   upto 4TB and 14TB  ?????

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Phil Wandrei's picture

Thanks for the question. 

For the NetBackup appliance and addiing capacity there are two factors; software licensing and having the physical capacity. I will address the physical capacity here.  Your base system will be either 4TB or 14TB usable capacity.  The 14TB system is ideal for larger remote offices. 

Storage expansion comes in either 24TB or 36TB usable capacity shelves. You can mix and match them up to a total of 4 shelves. In general, the 36TB shelf is more cost effective based on $/TB.

When you add the first storage expansion kit, you will need to purchase a storage expansion kit upgrade.  This provides additional memory to the system and is not required when adding the second, third, or fourth expansion shelf.  

I will defer to your Symantec channel partner for the expansion shelf pricing as they can provide specifcs for the 24TB and 36TB options.

Regards, Phil

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