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NetBackup Disaster Recovery Plan

Created: 29 Jun 2009 • 1 comment
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We do our anual DR tests, and now we are looking to step them up a bit.  Might be nice to see what others do or dont do in this arena. 

We have a DR box that is on a seperate network.  We can take that box build it as a master server and import our catalog from NBU 6.5.3.  We can then patch that into our library via fiber single path slowness, combined with the old leftover of a DR box we should have our critical restore done within 24 hours.  

In a true DR scenario where our primary DC was gone.  I would probably more than likely promote our media server to a master server then do the catalog import piece.  I have not done this since the new and improved 6.5 way of doing things with that small catalog file that i get emailed daily to my inbox.  Have others ?  Does it take long?  Realizing we all have different size catalogs, but in general have you had sucess.  Please add any thoughts or suggestions on how to "do it right". 


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You will have to use the Same name an the present Master server. If you cahnge then you will have to import all the tapes one by one.. ( Not recommended)

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