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Netting Out NetBackup

NetBackup: Hyper-V protection made easy!

Created: 17 Jun 2011 • Updated: 22 Jan 2013 • 1 comment
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Minimize resource consumption on Hyper-V host

Symantec NetBackup had been protecting Hyper-V virtual machines since the release of NetBackup 6.5.4. The award winning virtual machine protection technology was brought to Hyper-V space, you get to run a single backup from which two kinds of restores are possible. You can restore the entire virtual machine or an individual file within the virtual machine. By running just one backup for two kinds of restores, you minimize the resourced needed to perform nightly backups.

NetBackup can also perform off-host backups using transportable VSS snapshots if the underlying storage has support for transportable VSS provider. This way, the backup operation is offloaded to another system.

Complete data protection

Symantec believes in complete protection for customer's data. In order to protect your Hyper-V investment, backup of virtual machines is just half the story. Do not forget protecting the Hyper-V server and Hyper-V manager.  A backup solution not providing an option to backup these physical systems brings down the RTO of your Hyper-V environment, in the event that you need to recover from a hardware failure.

Global deduplication across virtual and physical machines

Most environments have data scattered around virtual machines, physical machines and NAS file servers. If the goal is to keep backups on disk for quick recovery, you need a deduplication solution that works across all these environments. With the power of NetBackup deduplication, you reduce the TCO for your data protection solution. With intelligent dedupe streamers, NetBackup sees the actual files in Hyper-V vhd files instead of a giant blob of data. For example, if a file in a virtual machine is also in a NetApp file server, rest assured that you will only keep one copy in dedupe pool.

Do you still use tape?

For many organizations tape still plays a crucial role in data protection. A hybrid data protection strategy with disk and tape is preferred before completely getting rid of tapes. NetBackup lets you protect your data on tape, plain disk or a deduplication pool.

NetBackup Appliances: Same superior technology now in appliance form

NetBackup 5200 appliance is ideal for virtual machine protection. This appliance features a powerful NetBackup media server with 32TB of storage that can be used for deduplication pool. The appliances installs in minutes to an existing NetBackup environment. Protect you physical hosts, virtual machines and file servers in one convenient 4U (rack units) form factor appliance. The WAN efficient replication of deduplicated backups to another NetBackup 5200 or NetBackup 5000 series appliances prepares you for disaster recovery. Tape out support is built-in 5200 appliances to serve hybrid data protection strategies.


NetBackup continues to be the leader in data protection space, its innovations in Hyper-V protection highlights this leadership while competitors are desperately playing catch up.

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There are many question coming to us, regarding SAN transport method for hyper-V

Could you shed some lights in this. Best possible methods to get same taste of VMware SAN transport (i know it's VMware vADP  vStorage API which plays) But do we have any alternatives for Hyper-V SAN backups except SAN media server which limits to protecting host only not even Guest VMs (treats them as remote clients and routes traffic through LAN)

 Cheers !!!


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