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NetBackup Java GUI - Install Clients (with ssh)

Created: 26 Nov 2010 • Updated: 19 Nov 2012
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After we upgraded our RHEL 4 Master Server to VxNBU 7.01, my collegues asked how to push the client installation from the Java GUI (jnbSA), since it didn't work due to the fact that the command is issued with 'rsh' and our environment only allows 'ssh'.

After some investigations I found the following script within the "/usr/openv/java/allNB.jar" file:

Since I'm not a developer, I just edited the file (in Windows with UEdit) and replaced (HEX) rsh with ssh, saved it and made a new allNB.jar pack and loaded it onto our master server. (see Picture below)

...and from now on, the Java Install command runs with ssh :).

Just make sure, that the servers are in the known_hosts file, to avoid ssh issues during installations.

If anyone would like to do the same, please consider I can't give any guarantee on it, and also, this is NOT supported by Symantec.