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New Adobe CS6 Features

Created: 27 Aug 2012 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014 • 4 comments
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There are some cool new features in Adobe CS6’s Photoshop worth noting. While these are not even half of the new improvements and additions to Photoshop, they are the ones that I see as most immediately beneficial.

  • Content-Aware Patch, Move & Extend – Allows for retouching of images with astonishing ease and control. This is very similar to the old rubber stamp tool, but it can automatically blend the patch into the surrounding area.
  • Mercury Graphics Engine – By directly taking advantage of our computer’s GPU, Photoshop CS6 delivers real-time feedback, allowing us to edit images at amazingly fast speeds.
  • New Character and Paragraph Styles – We work with type a lot in Photoshop, so the new Paragraph and Character styles makes that much easier. By creating styles, we can now save our favorite type treatments in one place and apply them to any type layer in the future.
  • All-new Crop tool – Allows us to crop images faster, easier, with many more features and without permanently losing the old cropped portions. This is a must for our promo banner localizations where the crop size changes depending on the language the banner will be in.
  • 3 New Blur Effects – We now can soften select areas using the Tilt-Shift blur, uniformly blur an entire image and then sharpen a single focal point with Iris blur, or select multiple focal points and then let Field blur vary the blurriness between them.
  • Background and Auto Save – As a default, this feature will not only save files so we can recover them in the event of a crash, but it can also save in the background while we do other projects. One less thing to wait for!
  • Liquify Improvements – The Liquify filter (which was almost too slow to even use before) now utilizes the Mercury Graphics Engine so we can better do that effect in real-time.
  • Oil Paint Filter – This is another great artistic filter for making photos look like a painting.
  • Updated Brush Tools  – Let us draw more naturally and realistically by adding 2 new brush capabilities: Erodible and Airbrush tips.

It will be real exciting to start utilizing these new tools so we can create even more fabulous and efficient visuals to better enhance our site.

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Izabella Csaszar's picture

Great info.

Now we are pretty sure we can't live or work without Photoshop CS6.wink

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Erin Eng's picture

I think Adobe has really listened to designers to solve some commonly occurring issues for both convenience and efficiency. Thanks for pointing out these new features! I know the crop tool, auto save and blur effects will be especially useful to MY daily workflow. 

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Niyati's picture

As the head of the creative department at a small advertising firm, I wanted to attend the Adobe roadshow just to get a glimpse of the new features and gauge whether my company should really get the new CS6. We undertake Offline and online design, development and creation work and there’s no doubt that the new creative suite can definitely help us out! Check out the features they highlighted at the roadshow and you’ll be convinced you need it too!

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rakhee's picture

I’m a student of film and use a lot of Adobe software. When I heard about the new features I was really excited! I went online searching for videos on the new features but it was really difficult finding each video individually. That was of course till I stumbled on this link!It’s pretty cool to find all the new features of CS6 in one single video! Thank you Adobe!

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