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New malware attack affecting sites hosted by Go Daddy

Created: 20 Sep 2010 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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On the heels of the recent massive malware attack appearing on sites hosted by Network Solutions, today saw a similar mass malware attack on Go Daddy hosted sites. No, you're not experiencing deja vu. Go Daddy had a malware problem very like this one earlier in the year.

This latest incident once again highlights the need for automated web site malware scanning. Daily malware distribution scanning gives small businesses an early warning that they're under attack before they unwittingly distribute malware to their customers or get blacklisted by the various malware scanning robots that might find them.

In related news, in addition to being Go Daddy Gets Malware Day, it's also National Rum Punch Day (I don't know who makes these things up). It may be after today's attack (or the recent news that Go Daddy is for sale) that some of the folks down in Arizona might feel they need a drink. If so, they can buy their rum from BevMo and rest assured that their purchase is protected by VeriSign SSL.