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The New Personal Identity Portal (PIP)

Created: 20 Aug 2008 • Updated: 08 Aug 2012 • 1 comment
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Today, we are releasing a brand new version of the Personal Identity Portal (PIP). With support for two-factor authentication, the PIP remains a strong OpenID provider as VeriSign remains committed to the broad deployment of OpenID across the Internet. Beyond OpenID, the new PIP also includes some unique identity management features. As the user-centric identity movement reaches beyond authentication and attribute exchange, we wanted to evolve the PIP into an identity aggregation service that enhances control, convenience and security over personal data even when the data is scattered across non-interoperable Web sites.homepage.jpgThis theme of identity aggregation is going to remain an important product philosophy for us moving forward. Our first implementation focuses on personalization, convenience and security. This post provides a brief overview of the new features. For those of you who never read product description, you can sign up for a free PIP account here. For the more curious minds, please, read on, and let us know what you think.

Personalization and the Personal Identity Page

The Personal Identity Page allows you to aggregate public identities and presence across multiple Web sites under your OpenID. In my case, my personal identity page can be found at You can see that I have chosen to aggregate my Blog, my Flickr pictures, my YouTube videos, and other personal links to provide a complete reflection of my public Web persona. With a Personal identity page, my OpenID URL now provides a simple way for people to find and discover my "aggregate me". Think of it as a modern version of public white pages. We have tried to keep it simple enough that it can be built within a few minutes, but rich enough to keep it interesting.
idpage.jpgOf course, for many, the logical place to share their identity is their social network. For that reason, we have also created a FaceBook application. As shown below, the PIP FaceBook application lets you embed your "identity carrousel" into your FaceBook profile to share it with your friends.

Convenience and 1-Click Sign-in across any Web site
The PIP 1-click sign-in service may be one of the most interesting new features. The service aims at enabling single sign on across all popular Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 sites (whether they support OpenID or not). We have devised a client-less authentication solution that only requires one single click for you to log in across your social sites (FaceBook, Yahoo!, Google, MySpace...), your travel sites (TripIt, Expedia, United...), your financial site (Wells Fargo, E*Trade, ....), almost any of your sites, really! Think of it as a password vault in the cloud. Think of it as a universal single single-sign-on Web service. 1Click.jpgSince, we did not think you wanted to give all your names and passwords to VeriSign, we have designed it in such a way that VeriSign never sees your actual names and passwords (we only receive and store an encrypted form of them and you keep the secret key for yourself). Of course, you still need to log into the PIP (that is the one required login). Unlike most existing solutions out there, there is no client to install, only an optional bookmarklet to save in your browser (the install is drag and drop in Firefox and Safari and we have an automated install script for IE6 and IE7 users). It works on Windows, and the MAC. It will work in your 3G iPhone too, making OpenID and general login really user-friendly in a mobile environment (more in my next post). Note that the Beta 1-click service only supports 70 popular Web sites at this point. If your feedback is positive, we will add many more, so once again, let us know what you like and what you dislike.1CkickJS.jpgThe bookmarklet is also a nifty navigation tool. When you are not on the login page of a Web site, it triggers a small navigation window (see above). The window displays the list of all the Web sites that you have registered with the 1-click sing-in service. Simply click any of these links; you will navigate to the site and be logged in automatically. No more URL to enter, no more name and passwords to remember or type, only your PIP OpenID!

Security and Free Digital certificates
Since the 1-click vault security hinges on the PIP authentication, we wanted to offer you a broad choice of strong authentication solutions. Last year, we enabled VIP credentials (OTP tokens) within the PIP. This year we added a free layer of security that does not require any hardware. Indeed, we are giving our PIP users a free VeriSign certificate to secure their PIP account. Certificates and PKI have often been blamed for poor user experience. Therefore, we decided to create a new user interface for logging in with a certificate. Instead of issuing an identity certificate, we are issuing what we call a "browser certificate. A browser certificate is anonymous. It does not contain any information about you. Think of it as an opaque token that you link against you PIP account to protect it (it provides a second authentication factor: "something you have". Your PIP login name and passwords remains your first authentication factor: "something you know"). You can install these certificates on Mac and Windows (as many as you need). The certificates are free. We are still working on the iPhone (we have encountered a few challenges with certificates with the iPhone Safari, but with a little help from Apple, we will get there).

The whole PIP team has worked hard during the last 8 months to bring you all this new functionality. We are really excited to release this new version of the Personal Identity Portal to our growing PIP community. We hope you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it. Feel free to drop us a note, report bugs and make product suggestions. Our support email is We are looking forward to your feedback!

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The Personal ID Portal or PIP is really a great way to create personal accounts on the internet. I like the convenience that it offers. With a single click, I am able to log in to many of my favourite sites and social networking sites. I also have a peace of mind that my ID is being protected by the system as well.

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