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New Release: Veritas Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE 5.0

Created: 20 Aug 2009 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014
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Symantec recently announced the release of Veritas Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE 5.0. Sybase ASE Cluster Edition (ASE CE) uses a shared-disk architecture designed to support up to 32 ASE server instances that simultaneously access a SAN.

Based on core Veritas technology, which has 15+ years of customer successes and hundreds of production customers in Sybase environments, Veritas Storage Foundation for Sybase ASE CE combines the strengths of Sybase ASE CE with the robust storage management and high availability capabilities of Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server to implement robust, manageable, and scalable Sybase shared disk clusters. The integrated solution uses the same infrastructure software across an enterprise data center and enables shared cluster management with Sybase for database and application, offering benefits in the areas of Storage Management, High Availability and High Performance.

To learn more, view the joint Symantec-Sybase webcast or check out the product site.