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New Release of Workspace Streaming and Virtualization

Created: 18 Nov 2010 • 1 comment
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The new version is 6.1 SP6 MP1, and applies to both Workspace Streaming and Workspace Virtualization.  As usual there is a list of fixes, but there are also some new features that are pretty noteworthy.

On the top of the list is 64-bit support.  Yay!  A lot of people have been waiting for this.  So now, 64-bit clients are supported on all Windows 7 varieties, plus Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2008 SP2.  64-bit is also supported on the server operating systems as well.

Next up are a couple of items I’ve been looking forward to for years, streaming by file association and dependent streaming.  So now an application may be streamed at times OTHER than when its icon is clicked.  The two new situations are when you click on a document with the appropriate extension, the corresponding application will stream.  You can set this in the console, just like you set if you want the application to be set for offline use.  The other situation is when one streamed application is dependent upon the presence of another application to run.  Now this dependent linking will cause that dependent application to also stream when the first is clicked.  Both of these are very cool items that have been a long time coming.

For those of you who have run into troubles, packaging MS Office 2010, we’ve made sure that works.  Please check here for more details.

Lastly, the BSO, or Browser Selector Object is official.  Now that you can virtualize older versions of Internet Explorer for use in Windows 7, it is really important that ONLY those URLs and apps that require the older version use it.  Otherwise, you should be browsing with the newest, most secure IE8.  The BSO tool is a plug-in that makes sure that happens seamlessly for the users.  Simply identify in the tool, which URLs, links, etc. require other than the base IE8, and the appropriate browser will automatically launch for those sites (the user might wonder where their tabs went, but otherwise may not notice that anything weird happened).  If a non-white listed location is selected from within an older browser, the user is automatically sent back to IE8.  See here for more details.

Those are the big items for this release.  For additional details and full release notes, look here  Download and have fun.


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For Streaming by File Association <g> - but I think totally worth the wait.

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