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New to the Storage Management Community? Start Here...

Created: 17 May 2009 • Updated: 11 Jun 2014 • 3 comments
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The Symantec Connect site consists of six communities, including Storage and Clustering. This blog provides an overview of some of the key information about navigating and participating in the Connect Storage and Clustering community and navigating through the Symantec Connect community site.

Discussion Forums

The Storage Management community forums are broken out by product. Here are some links to quickly get you to the right product forum area (you'll need to be logged in):

You'll need to be logged in to post new discussions or comments. Some more information about the forums:

Blue Dots=New Comment on Thread
If you're revisiting a thread that you've previously viewed, then come back later and somebody else has added a comment since your last visit we've added a nifty blue dot telling you to take a look at the new content. As an added bonus, if you click on the blue dot rather than the thread title you'll not only open the thread, but you will jump to the first unread post in the thread. Very cool. Similarly, the "solved" icon links to the solution in the thread. (from .Peter's blog about new forum functionality)

Green Check=Solved
If you post a question and receive an answer, please remember to tag the answer as a 'Solution'. This helps others in the community to find solutions fast - they can search by solved items, or look for the green checkmark beside posts. Only the original thread author, Community Managers, moderators and trusted advisors can "Mark as a Solution". If your response is marked as the solution, you'll earn additional reward points.

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Logging In

You can view content in the site, but to participate, you'll need to log in. Click the Login or Register button in the top right menu and follow account creation steps. Notice that once you log in, you'll see a drop-down list of profile and account management options. This is where you can set notifications, create a custom profile, load a photo of yourself, and more.

Creating Content

Once you're logged in, you'll see a Create menu next to you profile picture in the top right menu. Click the content type that you'd like to create (discussion, blog post, article), fill in the title, content, product, and topic tags, and you've created content to share with the community. It really is that easy! Did we mention rewards? In appreciation of community contributions, we provide reward points for content, which can be redeemed for cool prizes. Find out more...


As you find content that you find useful (or not), please take the time to vote with a thumbs up or thumbs down - this helps the community guage the most valuable content.

Profile / User Information

You can see a lot of information about a content provider with the symbols by their content entry. In addition to the date the entry was posted, you can view user photo (if they've provided one), name, which you can click to contact them directly via Private Message, a pie or piece of cheese symbol (you decide) that shows how much content the person has contributed to the community. In addition, you'll notice that some contributors have additional tags for Admin (gray), Symantec Employee (yellow), Tech Support (green), Trusted Advisor (red); these are to help you easily identify these people in the community.

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RSS Feeds

If you like to get your information delivered, here is a quick list of RSS feeds available for the Storage Management community:

All Storage Management Content (Forums, Blogs, Articles, Videos, Events)
Storage Management Forums (all products):
CommandCentral Product Forums:
SFHA Management Product Forums:
Storage Foundation Product Forums:
Storage Foundation for Windows Product Forums:

Additionally, look for the orange RSS tag beside any content item on the site and subscribe to that content. For a list of all Connect RSS feeds:


Have an idea for a new product feature, Connect site improvement, or how Symantec as a company can change? Share your idea with the community in the Ideas area. Community members can vote ideas up and down, and you can quickly see the most popular ideas as voted by the overall community. For more information, visit .peter's blog.

Blog Author:
I've been working as a Community Manager for Symantec since 2008 and have had the great fortune to watch this community grow and develop over the past few years. Thanks to all who participate!

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This is great.... :-)

Was looking for these....


PS: If you are happy with the answer provided, please mark the post as solution. You can do so by clicking link "Mark as Solution" below the answer provided.

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Hi All.
Just checking in.

Symantec Availability Management Group
Customer Support: Unix Backline, Sydney Australia

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