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New VeriSign Homepage Ushers In The New Year

Created: 06 Jan 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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It's a brand new year and a time for new beginnings. And with that, we are debuting a brand new homepage for and putting forth a brand new face to the world.

As the company, brand, and user experience evolve, so is the homepage in response to these changes!

Design - More Visual and Intuitive
With the redesigned homepage, the end goal is to get the page working even harder in meeting the needs of our users. Through the use of thoughtful design and content, we have made changes to further improve the usability and usefulness of the homepage.

While the page is still structurally the same, it's the elements in the page and their layout which have changed. The overall design is a little punchier than the previous iteration, there a little more injection of color, and the page elements are clearly defined and more accessible.

New Homepage Redesign

Navigation - Reduced Number of Clicks
The major changes lie in the top navigation bar, the main banner, and the area under the banner. The top navigation bar now houses mega menus with text links categorized based on role and task, as well as promotional tiles to highlight specific areas of interest. We've also integrated a number of functional elements such as a partner login utility, the ability to search for support help, and a search function to check the status of your purchase orders. By maximizing the menu real estate, we were able to improve the usability and usefulness of the menu system by surfacing more relevant content and functionality, and reduce the number of clicks to the same information.

Mega menus

The main banner changes include improved functionality and messaging. Each of the four banners now auto-rotates through the individual messages as well as allows for manual rotation. The banner is also now programmed without the need for any external viewing plugins.

The screen real estate under the main banner is overall more user-friendly. It is more accessible, more compelling with larger and more impactful imagery, and less copy heavy.

Other changes include a brand new logo identity in light of the acquisition of the VeriSign Authentication business by Symantec, and the clearer positioning of the Trust Seal at the top right of the page header.

Content - Saying More With Less
Overall, the volume of content is lighter. While we are bubbling up more to the surface, there is less copy delivered in smaller, more scannable, and digestible chunks.

Check it out and let us know your feedback: