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New version of vme release Feb 1st

Created: 15 Jan 2011
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Feb 1st a new version of VME (Virtual Memory Extender) will be released.
The new version is available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB.
With VME you can run your desktops, servers and Virtual machines with up to 64 GB of virtual memory without adding fysical memory modules.
This is very helpfull if your desktop or server does not support more memory modules or your operating system does not support more then 3 GB of memory.

Experience the power of your desktop, laptop or server running up to 64 GB of memory besides the fysical memory added.

If your server has 32 GB of memory, the VME installed in your virtual servers allows you to use more memory then your fysical host contains allowing to run double the density of vm's per host.

VME contains a subset of routines to make your desktops faster running Symantec Virtualised Applications. The specific VSA controls make your virtualised applications run up to twice as fast as usual.

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