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Created: 14 Oct 2013 • Updated: 14 Oct 2013
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In the era of Big Data – and a future that promises nothing less than even Bigger Data – you need Big Weaponry to defend your organisation, people and systems from modern attacks. What once was considered adequate to shore up your defences and keep you safe just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Look back only a short while ago and what was then regarded as muscular security and robust levels of resistance would now be seen as little more than the equivalent of tissue paper trying to halt a boulder. Times have changed beyond recognition. The threat landscape of today demands a whole new approach to protecting your business.

It’s a reality that Siân John, Directory of Security Strategy, UK/Ireland, Symantec, will be bringing into sharp focus at RSA Conference Europe in Amsterdam this month (29-31 October).

In her session, ‘Using Big Intelligence to Defend against Modern Attacks’, her message will be nothing less than direct and unequivocal – that there isn’t a magic bullet that can completely prevent an attack or stop Advanced Persistent Threats. “We need combined understanding – about valuable information and assets, about the threat landscape and about the expertise needed to determine the exposure of the organisation and fix it,” she states.

Siân will look at some of the realities and challenges within the modern threat landscape that organisations of all sizes face, whatever business or industry they find themselves in. Most of all, she will reveal the best practices that can help to keep them safe in a world where attacks have never been so advanced or persistent – and are likely to become only more so.

In addition to Siân, Stephen Trilling, Symantec’s SVP and Chief Technology Officer will be presenting during the keynote session on Tuesday, October 29 ‘A New Paradigm for Defending against Targeted Attacks’. In the session Stephen will talk about the issues of state-sponsored attackers who have unlimited resources from compromising an enterprises’ most critical data and services and what kind of solutions are needed to monitor each of them. What is the state of security today and how could the vision for the future look like?

Make sure to join the keynote with Stephen and Siân’s session and if you would like to arrange a meeting with Symantec please contact

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