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Norton Zone: the Beginning of Safe and Easy Sharing

Created: 14 May 2013 • Updated: 25 Jun 2013
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This Blog was originally posted on In the Personal Cloud

Last November, we announced the beta version of Norton Zone, a new cloud file sharing service that allows users to safely and easily share the content that matters most. Today, I’m very pleased to announce Norton Zone is out of beta – stronger, faster and easier to use than ever. Also beginning today, users in the United States can buy additional storage, to expand the 5GB they continue to get for free.

The staggering growth of cloud services, mobile devices, and the social imperative to share anything is creating unique challenges. Almost all facets of our daily lives are “going digital,” and content is being created and shared in unprecedented amounts and places. Consumers and corporations alike are learning every day (and sometimes painfully) that not all cloud file-sharing services are created equal. Some services claim to be safe, while others claim to be easy to use. Leveraging all of the expertise at our disposal, Symantec has created a cloud service that offers both.

Norton Zone lets you easily share any time…

… from any device…

… with the security you expect from Norton by Symantec:

  • Users can create a share link to easily share large files and keep full control of that file with restrictions on how long or how many times links can be accessed, even when posting to social networking sites. Once shared, users can retract that permission at any time
  • Users keep ownership of their own data—Symantec never claims ownership over any data that is uploaded to the service—and all files uploaded to Norton Zone are encrypted
  • Norton anti-malware scanning technology automatically checks content for viruses and other threats before it is shared. We don’t outsource management of our data center; our industry-leading internal management, operations, and technical controls help prevent unauthorized access to data once it is stored in the cloud
  • We provide built-in device management, including mobile passcodes, to control mobile access, in the event that you lose your device – making it possible for individuals to block access and wipe their data remotely

And this is just our first release. Later this year we plan to announce additional updates, with new feature modules and enhancements, providing even greater benefits and simplicity. This is just the beginning of Norton Zone, the cloud file-sharing service that is both easy and safe, for use at home and at work.