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A Note for All Interested in Offering Feedback on DLP while at Vision!

Created: 27 Apr 2012
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Thank you for expressing interest in providing us with feedback on DLP while at Vision!

We have several exciting feedback opportunities specific to DLP at Vision this year.  By participating you’ll have the chance to influence how the product is developed and to make sure that the requirements of your company are well understood.

During each session, you can expect to be asked some background questions about your role and your use of DLP.  We will also show you some mockups to gather your feedback as well as give you the chance to ask questions of a product expert.

As thanks for your participation, and if permissible by your company policy, we will offer you a $75 gift card redeemable at a host of online vendors. 

DLP Usability Activities at Vision

01. Malicious Insider Usability 1:1s | Duration: 60 minutes

  • Topic: Initial steps toward delivering new tools for targeting Malicious Insiders 
  • Who we are looking for: DLP users that have hands-on experience with incident reporting and remediation.

02. Risk Reporting Usability 1:1s | Duration: 60 minutes

  • Topic: How useful are our proposed orphaned data and risk report templates?  What other data will you need to help you with reporting and remediation? 
  • Who we are looking for: DLP stakeholders interested in reporting on data at rest (Discover) scan results.

03. Endpoint Usability 1:1s | 60 minutes

  • Topic: Endpoint DLP Management improvements (Dashboard, Group-based deployment and agent configuration)
  • Who we are looking for: Security administrators with hands-on DLP experience, specifically endpoint management.

Next Steps: Email Stephanie Guaman at with the following information:

01. Which activities are you interested in?

Session topic


  1. Malicious Insider
  1. Risk Reporting
  1. Endpoint Management

02. When are you available to participate?  Please mark all times you are available with an X.











03. Please tell us about yourself.


Your response

Your role:

How you use DLP:

Years of experience with DLP:

Best way to reach you at conference:

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.  Also note that openings are filled on a first response basis.  So the sooner you respond, the better your chances are of making it in.

Looking forward to getting you involved!



T: 415.829.5142   F: 650.429.5170