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Note to Self ... Reboot After Install

Created: 12 Dec 2005 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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Tech guy Brent Bishop explains why it's import to remember the all-important reboot step after you install SVS.

The Issue

If you've just installed the Software Virtualization Admin (SVS Admin) tool and it allows the import of VSA (Virtual Software Application) files but will not activate them, read on. Oh, yeah, to keep you scratching your head, no message boxes or error messages accompany the odd behavior.

The Details

You've just installed and can run the SVS Admin tool. All seems well until you activate an application layer.

The Cause and Resolution

Here's the Juice: SVS must be rebooted before the file system filter driver (which is at the core of SVS functionality) will operate. A logoff/logon will recache the local security credentials so that the SVS Admin tool can be run but this does not make the SVS filter driver fully operational. A reboot after install of SVS is necessary to get everything running as designed.