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Notes from the East MI Storage & High Availability User Group - 8/18/2010

Created: 23 Aug 2010 • 1 comment
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East MI Storage & High Availability User Group
Meeting Notes 18Aug10

Meeting Started 11:15am
Topics Discussed:

  • Craig Leiss started out meeting by reviewing agenda:
    • Stressed importance of group discussion for getting the most out of the meeting.
    • Went around the room for introductions (name, current role, Symantec products in use, what do you expect to get from the meeting)
    • Next meeting is scheduled for November 10th on the west side of the state
      • Can Symantec provide web services (WebX, ect.) for this meeting for those who cannot travel and attend in person?
      • Bryan Yakel stated that Steelcase has volunteered to host the November meeting and that representative from Amway has volunteered to do a presentation on PureDisk.

Lunch break @ 11:30am

  • Philp Avery from Dewpoint presentation regarding backup and recovery for State of Michigan:
    • Current staff size for backup and recovery at State of Mich is seven with one dedicated to research and test
    • Have already tested NetBackup version 7.0.1 w/ no problems.
    • When Dewpoint was hired in 2007, the success rate of backups was 63 percent and no formal SLA.
    • In 2009 Backup and Recovery was the third largest sector of IT and growing
    • Regulations call for ability to do a complete restore within 24 hours.
    • Understanding Backups:
      • Need to review what is and should be backed up
      • Ability to deal with shrinking backup windows
    • Cost of doing it wrong:
      • In 2008 IBM was fined $900k for data loss through failed backups (State of Texas).
      • 82 percent of companies that encounter complete data loss end up going out of business.
    • Currently at State of Michigan:
      • 99.5 percent backup success rate.
      • Backing up between 600 – 2600 clients
      • 40,000 backup jobs per week
      • Backups cover over 6Pb of storage.
      • Currently have eleven master servers.
      • Has a rolling 30 day backup retention policy
    • Beginning to use PureDisk and finding a reduction in the backup storage footprint by more than 10:1.
    • Recommend the need to review your environment every six months to make sure you are doing the right thing.
    • Discussion on deduplication:
      • Talk around the room on who is using it..
      • Some seeing twenty percent reduction in backup sizes…. Based on data type.
      • Previously Windows registries did not dedup but this has been corrected with version 7.0.1.
      • Discussion on dedup to tape on why this is not possible (restore would take too long do to spread of data)
      • Discussion on different dedup providers which include (FalconStore, Quantum, DataDomain…)
      • Discussion on different dedup types which include source and target.
    • NetBackup 7 allows you to extend retention either on a particular image or a whole tape.  This good for data holds, etc.
    • Discussion on VMWare backups:
      • VStorage API replaces the use of VCB.
      • Expected speed of VCB / VStorage API backups is 20 – 80Mb/s
      • No longer required to backup to disk first with VStorage API as you did with VCB..
        • It is recommended to still backup to disk first as you want to be able to remove the VM snapshot as soon as possible.
    • State of Michigan not using BMR due to security concerns.
  • Bryan Yakel from Symantec presentation on Veritas Operations Services (VOS):
    • This can be found online at:
    • VOS can provide the following:
      • Real-time patch notifications.
      • Actionable error reports.
      • Server comparison reports
      • General check list for upgrades from X to Y.
      • Documentation for all Symantec productions is available from here.
    • NetBackup expected to be added to VOS by the end of this year.
    • Q&A:
      • Recommendation was made by the user group to make a modification to VOS so that multiple user IDs can be tied together so that they can see the same servers / info… similar to how licensing site works.
      • Statement made that improved licensing reports needed online..  hard to decipher which licenses are active after many years of renewals.
      • Discussion on capacity based versus client based licensing models.. Does it make sense to go to capacity based model:
        • If lots if data and low client count then maybe so..
        • If not so much data and high client count then maybe not..
      • Comment from group member regarding VMS client backups do not work after client is upgraded to NBU 6.5.5.  No one else encountered problem and was recommended to contact support.
      • Question regarding what Command Central is..: (System that IDs what you have in your storage environment…. i.e-  HBAs, Switches, Applications, Disks, etc.)
  • Comment was made by group member that a demonstration / discussion on BMR would still be nice to have at one of the upcoming group meetings.
  • Meeting finished at 1:55pm; Craig Leiss raffled off Symantec gifts.

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Thanks, was a good meeting.

Are you planning on posting the ppt's from the meeting?

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