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Created: 27 Dec 2007 08:00:00 GMT • Updated: 23 Jan 2014 18:43:24 GMT
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There should be no question anymore that the VX scene is dying.

On the 29A forum there was a post that roy g biv has officially leftthe 29A group. Given that Vallez has been silent for over a year, itseems clear that the 29A group is really dead now. We wish the boysluck in whatever legal pursuits that they find now.

On the EOF and DoomRiderz fora, we can read that neither group hasenough material for a new zine. On the rRlf site there's a message thatthe same thing has happened to them. EOF and DoomRiderz alreadyannounced their intention to produce a combined zine and now rRlf hasannounced that they will join in, too. Of course, if people aresubmitting the same thing to multiple groups in case one of themreleases a zine, then even those three groups combined might not haveenough material for a zine. In any case, it will probably not happenthis year.

This brings us to another point - the supposed AV-VX "symbioticrelationship." It should be clear by now that there isn't one. Whilethe VX scene gets smaller by the day, the AV industry keeps on growing.A million Trojans later, the virus writers don't contribute anythingmeaningful to our workload and really don't make us any money.

We are striving to put them out of business. Once they're all gone, those Trojans will keep us in business for a long time. Not that we want them, either.

We can all find much better things to do with our time. It would be nice to take a vacation.