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Office 2011 for Mac Service Pack 2 Released

Created: 16 Apr 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014 • 5 comments
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As reported on 9to5Mac, Office 2011 for Mac Service Pack 2 has been released.  According to the Microsoft link, it's 110 Mb to download the stand-along upgrade.

I've not tried it yet in relation to the Enterprise Vault Mac Add-in, but I expect to in the next few days.  I'll also check with some colleagues with regards to certification of it, and whether it's the (normal) aim to do that within 90 days.  Of course that also depends on what (if any) issues are encountered during the testing.

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i have installed it and used it since it came out and it seems to work fine, no issues encountered yet with retrieving, restoring, archiving and searching emails from the archive using ev toolbar.

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While the install itself may look OK, it does have some issues. A big one is that Outlook may not function correctly when upgraded. MS released a KB on release day for the issue which can be found here: Also when installing from the command-line the package may appear to have installed correctly when in fact it hasn't and the apps are still showing the previous version when launching. One fix is to modify the installer package a little bit. The following comes from a MS Release Test Lead:

Attempts to do a command line install on Lion are failing due to the script to clean up the temporary folder used to hold the bits during installation. This issue can also occur on any OS if multiple command line installs are being done at the same time.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and looking to remedy it, but in the meantime, the following steps will allow you to edit the offending script and carry on with your deployment.

1. Open the 14.2.0 updater DMG
2. Drag the Office 2011 14.2.0 Update.pkg to your desktop
3. CTRL+Click on the Office 2011 14.2.0 Update.pkg and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu
4. Navigate to the Resource folder from within the Contents folder.
5. Open the clean_path script with any text editor
6. On the second line (a blank line) add this text exit 0
7. Save the script and then run your installation with this modified pkg

Your final code should look like this:

exit 0

We recommend that you restart after this installation to remove the temporary folder from the machine and avoid potential update problems in the future if the temporary folder still existed.

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Thanks to Symantes that my PC will Work while in Optimization and Running Smooth.

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i had problems with retrieving archived emails from my mac office 2011 client.

i opened up a case and symantec have confirmed there is a problem with mac office 2011 sp2 and the ev helper 10 sp1

a hotfix is in the making

this is what happens

the x-ev-saveset-id and the x-ev-archiveid are not put in the header of the email when you run outlook 2011 sp2.

i found this out

support asked me to remove office 2011 sp2 and reinstall 2011 sp1 and recreate the outlook profile and now the saveset-id and archive-id are listd in the header information and the ev-helper can retrieve the archived message

hopefully in a couple of weeks the client hotfix will be out and i can upgrade to sp2 and test again.


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Outlook 2011 SP2 is supported with the following hotfix client:

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