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Office XP - Digital License Identification SVS Workaround

Created: 23 Mar 2006 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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Generate a digital license after an application runs on the destination machine as a workaround to Office XP detecting a hardware change.

When packaging Office XP (or any portion of it) off of a CD and manually entering the Key when capturing, etc, you will run into an issue when bringing the VSA to a different PC. When launching the VSA on a new PC and trying to use the application, it will tell you that it has detected a significant machine change since it was installed and will give you only limited functionality. This is because of the digital license identification that Microsoft includes on this version of Office (I haven't seen this happen in any other version) is based on hardware. To fix this so that it will generate this digital license only after use on a new machine, you must do the following:

  1. Create an administrative share point from the setup.exe - enter the Office XP key and accept the license agreement. That way, all users running the install from the admin share point will have the same information. This is pretty typical...nothing new there...
  2. When using ORK to create the package, you must add 2 entries into the Setup properties that do not exist:

    By using these, it will wait until the application is run on the destination machine before generating the digital license identification based on the new hardware.

So far, I have this working on five PCs that are running Office 2003 (local install) and Office XP (SVS) side by side without any issues!