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One size does not fit all

Created: 05 Jun 2009
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Today organisations of all sizes are faced with managing their disk backup storage growth and improving the speed and ease of recovery of application data, all of which has led to increased complexity for IT administrators. Unfortunately, data protection solutions of old are failing to keep pace with this overwhelming data growth and complexity whereas new data protection solutions are trying to centralise on a single code base and common platform to deliver next generation data protection. The fact is: it just doesn’t work like that.

Next generation data protection solutions need to be complete, powered by disk, and centred on recovery - regardless of size. All organisations are required to protect data in the most efficient way to maximise time and resources - irrespective of size or location. But not only this, they are required to ensure service level requirements are consistently met and at the same time squeezed to improve backup windows and recovery time - all while data growth skyrockets.

In order to manage the way that data protection solutions have altered, technology has had to shift with it. Backups powered by disk make the backup and recovery process faster, more reliable, and automated. It also eliminates the outmoded hassle of trucking backup tapes to a DR facility. In the past, data protection solutions focused on backup, but the focus for businesses large and small is shifting to recovery. That includes system recovery (physical and virtual machines, as well as individual files, documents, users, etc.), disaster recovery, and mission-critical application recovery. Organisations that redesign around disk-based data protection are discovering that they can recover their data quickly and automatically because, in many cases, it is still local and easily accessible.

Because human error is the biggest problem hindering successful recoveries, organisations should look to automation to speed recovery and reduce errors and reliance on personnel. Backup Exec System Recovery is a data protection solution that is optimised for the unique requirements of disaster recovery - because “One Data Protection Solution” does not fit all. It offers:

* Fast, flexible recovery-complete server, desktop, or laptop system recovery in minutes, even to dissimilar hardware or virtual servers
* Granular recovery-individual file, folder, Exchange email and SharePoint document recovery from a one-pass backup, using a single interface
* Cold image recovery-after-the-fact recovery, even of systems that won’t boot
* Central management-single-console management of system backup and recovery environments, including remote systems
* Off-site protection-system protection using remote FTP locations or secondary disk drives for advanced business continuity

I rest my case - thank you!