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Online Services: Get the Benefits Without the Maintenance

Created: 17 Jan 2009 • Updated: 02 Apr 2009
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Businesses are catching onto the benefits of online services, with revenue growing at twice the rate of the overall enterprise software market. Benefits include faster time to value, a quicker ability to scale, less risk and up-front investment, and lower annual operating costs in equipment and support staff. In today's economic climate, these benefits are particularly prescient for businesses seeking to address business requirements in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

New CIO Digest Online Extras article

For the Online Extras, "Online Services: Get the Benefits Without Maintenance," CIO Digest interviewed Jeff Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies, Inc., who explains that by getting services online rather than building out the software and hardware infrastructure to provide them, "businesses shift the burden of getting and keeping an enterprise application up and running" to the vendor. As a result, Kaplan argues that organizations are realizing that it is more cost-efficient to rent a service than to buy it.

Two SMB IT executives on "why" online services

In order to gain a better understanding underlying the reasons SMBs are selecting online services rather than building and managing the applications themselves, CIO Digest interviewed two IT executives who discuss why they chose to use Symantec Online Backup for their backup requirements: Bryce Ashey, the CEO at mmolecule, Inc., and Justin Jugs, the vice president of systems implementation at Stratis Business Systems.

Check out the Online Extras article on the CIO Digest web site. For more details on how mmolecule is using Symantec Online Backup, read the Symantec success story. For more details on how Stratis Business Systems is using Symantec Online Backup, read the Symantec success story.