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Oops! Active Directory Wiped Out My Contact Info

Created: 12 Feb 2007 • Updated: 12 Feb 2007 • 2 comments
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There are times when it's useful for helpdesk users to be able to update their contact info from the helpdesk console. However, if there is an Active Directory User Sync in the background, the data they update will constantly be cleaned up (read: deleted). This usually happens in a misconfigured AD environment.

There is a workaround for this scenario, though. However, the directory synchronization plays the key in this configuration implementation ;)

In MS SQL there is a MS Publication/Subscription Service that allows you to take a snapshot of the Helpdesk Contact table. You want to store the content of this snapshot in a staging table before a Sync of NS and Altiris Helpdesk.

Find out your NS AD User Update schedule and set up a connector to import the data within the staging table that MS Publication/Subscription provided right after the AD User Update on your NS. (NOTE: make sure you map the data properly into your User class!)

Then make sure that the resource sync time between NS and Helpdesk always happens after you've dumped the data from the staging table into the user table and you're set ;)

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This sounds really jerky... If you trust the info in AD more than you trust your contacts. Then AD is your authoritative Data source and all updates should be made to it. If you trust your helpdesk contact data more than you trust your AD data then I would think that exporting that data and using it to update AD would be the way to go [some sort of script would be nice]. Either way I usually tend to think that as far as contact information goes there is only one system that has to be mostly authoritative in any company... that would be the HRMS [Human Resource Management System] that is where people get paid from and if nothing else is right in the organization that should be. So, that being said I trust in the systems in the following order.

  1. HRMS
  2. AD
  3. Helpdesk Contacts

I think this tip is misleading… you aren’t fixing the problem within your organization you are using a band aid.

John Golembiewski
Midwest Practice Principal
ITS Partners

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Why would you want to have your Altiris Helpdesk system more up to date or have different data than your Active Directory.

Trust one source as the authoritative source.

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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