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Out of Chaos, Comes Order: How the Cloud Manages Complex IT Environments

Created: 27 Apr 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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By Rowan Trollope, Senior Vice President,

It has been said that out of chaos, comes order and nowhere may that be more true than in IT. IT Managers and Compliance Officers face numerous challenges and a complex IT environment may be the biggest among them. Thankfully, the Cloud has proven to be instrumental in bringing order to IT chaos in that it is efficient, affordable and scalable.

From firewalls, to software and hardware and hundreds of applications  – each system must be implemented, updated, maintained and monitored amidst changing laws, shrinking budgets and fluctuating spam and malware threat levels.

First, cloud services are simple and fast to deploy. All it takes is a re-direct of the organization’s MX records and the services can be up and running within a few hours.

Also, because cloud services are outsourced, the service provider is responsible for support, training, maintenance and infrastructure management. This also means that version updates are rolled out to every user on the service in real-time. Compare this to the cost of on-premise software ownership and maintenance and the savings are immense.

As organizations grow, many IT Managers are faced with the task of acquiring new licenses to add seats for new employees. Cloud services grow with an organization and seats are seamlessly added when new employees come on board to make the software immediately available taking software keys or licensing out of the equation. Any changes to reporting requirements and management are handled through a single console. For example, new policies can be set with the touch of a few buttons; and with the click of a mouse rolled out to an entire organization.

The cloud has rescued a growing number of organizations from the complexity of their own IT environments. With its quick implementation times and easy management capabilities, it has restored simplicity to complex IT environments while still allowing IT Managers and Compliance Officers  to maintain full control. 

Posted on behalf of Rowan Trollope