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Outlook problem after running FixOrphanedShortcut?

Created: 09 Aug 2013
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I  know from experience that there many, many registry keys that are public knowledge relating to Enterprise Vault, and also from my 6+ years in Enterprise Vault Engineering there are a whole load of non-public registry keys as well. The public ones though do sometimes still have strange surprises left to be revealed. Take for example the following situation:

In Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 a user clicks on a folder, and then clicks on 'Store in Vault', in order to store the whole folder in their archive. Nothing unusual so far. But it might not work, it might fail with an error. And the issue comes about because of a server side registry key relating to fixing up orphaned shortcuts.

Odd?! Definitely. It should be something that is quite rare to happen, because of course at the end of the article that talks about orphaned shortcuts it does categorically say to remember to remove the registry key — but there will be a really small percentage of people who will no doubt forget this, and then might encounter the issue described in the article.

Have a read of the article yourself, and, if you have ever used the FixOrphanedShortcut registry key now might be a good time to check that the key was removed.