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OVStoreSize and Manually Adding Data to Virtual Vault

Created: 30 Aug 2012 • Updated: 29 May 2014
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A question arose on the forums the other day, and I did a little bit of work to figure out the answer:

The question related to how things work (or not) when you hit the Store Size limit for Vault Cache, and you then try to drag and drop items from your mailbox to Virtual Vault, and try to get them archived (via synchronisation).

This particular test user has a decent enough sized archive.  The Vault Store Usage Report shows:

That's a healthy looking 1.9 Gb.
I setup Vault Cache, and restarted Outlook to get the Wizard to run.  Having quickly run through the wizard, I closed Outlook, and edited the registry to shrink the OVStoreSize attribute down to 1 Gb (you can see that in the screenshots below)
I then re-opened Outlook, to let the MDC and DB files 'build'.
I'm now let the synch complete, and Outlook shows:
So here you can see that the items in the cache is a lot less than the items actually in the archive.  You can see two recent DB files, and the MDC.  Total size is just about 1 GB.
Now the big test is:
What happens if I drag and drop (say) 20 items from my inbox to Virtual Vault?
Will then synchronise properly?  Will any errors be generated?
I tested this by generating 20 new sample mails that 1 Mb in size each.
I create a new folder in Virtual Vault, and dragged and dropped them out of the mailbox Inbox in to that folder:
If I go to the VC properties page, I correctly see 20 items to archive:
And when I click Synchronise Now:
Two things to notice here. 
Firstly when I dragged and dropped the items to Virtual Vault, the items end up in the .MDC file, temporarily.  It actually grew from about 29 Mb to 55 Mb.
Secondly as the items are pumped up to the EV server for archiving, they're pulled out of the MDC file to these files like you see at the bottom of the screenshot .. TempUpload....msg
Because I'm over the Store Size Limit a whole DB file was deleted.  This makes space for the items that were just processed.  The above screenshot shows the finished synch.
In the end then, the synch worked correctly.. no data was lost.  The VC store changed it's shape to house the new items.