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Page Personalization Errors (Post changes to "Home" Page)

Created: 23 Aug 2011 • Updated: 07 Aug 2012 • 1 comment
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ServiceDesk 7.1

Users recieving error on log in:

Process Manager Error

Could not find [PagePersonalizationData] where [PageID] Equal [...]

Background Information:

[PageID] can be found here: Site Actions > Page List > (Select a Page) EditPage > Advanced

Problem Manifestation:

We were on a couple of users post making changes to the "Home" page.  One user was able to pass through without issue, using a bookmark for any account. 

The root problem turned out to be that the original "Home" page was changed or replaced.  The existing "Home" page had a different PageID from time of initial install.  The caching was forcing the users to a non-existant PageID.


Import the orgininally exported copy of the "Home" page that had the PageID that was cached.  An alternative solution may have been to edit a copy of the home page to show the PageID to the requested ID.  I imported the original copy and overwrote existing page.  Note: this did not replace the "bad" copy of the home page, so I made sure to delete that copy as well.

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I have seen this issue as well. Working on a hidden home page for end users to view than deleting the old Home page and replacing it with the new updated one. I found that the issue is due to how ServiceDesk stores that data. So if you go to a users account page, under home page you will see that you are right - it does call out an exact page by GUID. What I did to resolve this was I created a database query that went out and found all of the tables that held that exat page for the users. Turned out that the [user] table in the DB was where it was being held. I did this:

UPDATE dbo.User
So for us it ended up being something like:
UPDATE dbo.User
SET HomePage = REPLACE (HomePage,'~/Portal/Template20_80.aspx?PageID=403a6a23-6719-4570-8489-fe02577fce92','~/Portal/Template100_50_50_100.aspx?PageID=3a86612b-45d4-42c8-95fc-7506f65d0af4')
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