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A Partner Tale – Transitioning to the Norton Secured Seal

Created: 17 Apr 2012 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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JP Donnio, President, TBS Internet
Symantec Trust Services Platinum Partner

It can be difficult to let tried-and-true brands go, unless of course it’s replaced by a better and stronger brand. That is the case with Symantec’s transition from the VeriSign Seal to a Norton Secured Seal, powered by VeriSign combining the trust asset of both VeriSign and Symantec, the new Norton Secured Seal will be even stronger and more effective than its predecessor. Not only is it a positive evolution of the trust mark, but it is also an innovative solution to add to the range of products we offer our customers.

TBS has been a partner with VeriSign since 2003, and since that time, we’ve proudly displayed the VeriSign Seal on our website and the websites of our customers. The customers who visit these sites in the future will know they will continue to have a quality and secure experience because of the new Norton Secured Seal. Norton is a well-known brand here in France and is associated with end-user consumer security. In fact, many of our customers have been asking for the release date and are looking forward to having the new seal generate more business for them.

Over the past two years we’ve experienced increased growth while witnessing the valuable evolution of the additional features Symantec has made available, such as Vulnerability Assessment, the Seal-in-Search and the website anti-malware scan. We appreciate the way Symantec has enhanced their products’ features to meet the needs of the market.

As an e-commerce player we had to secure our order pages and customer areas. We selected the VeriSign Secure Site with EV, which provides the best security and customer recognition. We’ve always advised our customers to do likewise and improve their own online reputation. 

During this transition period to displaying the Norton Seal, we see again why it’s a pleasure to work with Symantec. They have been extremely dedicated to helping us make a smooth change, providing easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines on the best ways to make the necessary changes. In doing so, they’ve allowed us to make the move while maintaining our effectiveness as a company, without overworking our IT crew.

We are excited to see how this transition from the VeriSign Seal to the new Norton Security Seal will help increase our business and moreover, for our customers. We are confident the new seal will make 2012 the most successful year we’ve had since our founding in 1996, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Symantec.