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Passthough Authentication Is Not Working For Servicedesk Resolve/Close Multiple Incidents

Created: 22 Aug 2013
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A new issue was discovered, such that, when using a Windows 7 client computer, using running IE9, when attempting to access an HTTPS-configured ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 server, the client computer won't perform Active Directory passthrough authentication.  Using Google Chrome version 28 on the same Windows 7 client system works correctly, and IE9 on XP client system works.

 On the Windows 7 client system, when accessing the URL - https://<servername>/processmanager/windowsauthent..., while using IE9,  and then call https://<servername>/processmanager/, the passthrough authentication then works as expected.  Also, if IIS is configured  to not require SSL and access the portal via HTTP on the Windows 7 client system then passthrough works just fine.  No Error messages are displayed or present in the logs.  Why would this happen?

It was discovered that there was a defect in login.aspx file controlling the login attempt.  This has been resolved and will be formally released in the Orion release of Workflow, scheduled for November of this year.  If you need an immediate pointfix, you can contact Symantec Support and ask for a untested version of the latest Workflow 7.5 Mp1 build after July 2013.  This build will not have been formally tested, but some customers have applied this build with positive results.