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Patch Management and Citrix Servers - Patching Office 2003

Created: 11 Dec 2006 • Updated: 25 Jul 2007 • 3 comments
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Office 2003 patches w/ batch files on Citrix Servers are failing. A 9009 error appears in the log files. As the batch file executes, it seems to not be able to find the executable file for the patch. Essentially, it is attempting to call the file from a folder where the file is not located.


Patch Management 6.1 and 6.2


An entry in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CommandProcessor\Autorun subkey was executing prior to the contents of the batch file. The Autorun value was 'CD\'. This, or any entry takes precedence and executes. In this case, because the patch was opening a separate command processor (CMD.exe), the HKLM Autorun entry executed prior to the batch file running, and changed the directory back to the root of the current drive, in thie case 'N:' Normally this should have been 'N:\Temp\cache or %temp%\cache.

For further information, see this information page.


Removing the 'CD\' value from the Autorun reg key resolved the problem.

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I'm a bit surprised to see the votes, only 9. Well even if your mod is not the mod of the year - it's still a good tip.
Thanks for posting it, I copy/paste it in my personal database.

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First of all thanks for sharing your tip, I have copied in my KB this info really interesting.


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It looks like the Patch Management configuration will be updated from here on out to properly work around this per AKB50099.  There were other forum posts but I'm having trouble finding them which reference the 9009 error because the .bat file is executing directly on the package server via UNC which isn't supported if all the command lines aren't explicitly provided.

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