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Patch Trending SiteBuilder version 15 is out now!

Created: 26 Nov 2013 • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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I have just released version 15 of the Patch Trending Site Builder. Here is the change log:

Release 15

This release contains a major codefix, a minor codefix and two important new features and a minor CLI change:

  • Code fix (1): Modified the getbulletin.html page to ensure it loads charts properly under various Internet Explorer versions (tested on Version 8, 9 and 10)
  • Code fix (2): Modified getbulletin.html to verify whether trending data exists or not for the requested entry. If not the message 'No data is available...' is displayed.
  • Feature (1): Added command line option /write-all to prevent the following static pages from being over-written with each site builder invocation (i.e. they will only be overwritten if you invoke 'sitebuilder.exe /write-all'):

    • inactive-computers.html
    • compliance-by-computer.html
    • getbulletin.html
    • webpart-fullview.html
    • menu.css
    • help.html
    • javascript/helper.js

    You will notice that this feature include the menu.css. This will allow you to customise the look and feel of the site without loosing your work in between all execution. The same is true for the html pages, as you can now customise them further without the risk of loosing them.

  • Feature (2): Added a new html page name 'webpart-fullview.html'. This page is a copy of getbulletin.html without the site navigation. It is designed to be used inside the SMP console right-click actions inside a virtual window.
  • CLI change: Added a standard message to display all valid option when invoking the executable with the help paremeter (/? or --help)

And here is the command line help message:

Welcome to the Patch Trending SiteBuilder. Here are the currently supported
command line arguments:


        This command line installs the pre-requisite stored procedures to the
        Symantec CMDB and terminates.


        This command line will prevent static html and css  files from being
        written to disk. This allows you to customise the site look and feel
        to better suit your needs.


        This command line prints out this help message and terminates.