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A poor man's version of open source: sql

Created: 29 Nov 2009 • Updated: 30 Nov 2009
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One of the best features of SQL (the sql language, and it's various vendor specific implementations) is that (almost) everything is open and accessible.

Tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, indexes. You name it. You can look at all of those objects, edit them, do anything you like with them.

Hence the title of this blog entry: it's a poor man's version of open source in a sense that anyone with interest could contribute code review and improvement (I've have an article on this pending administrator's approval - so watch this space) for the benefits of everyone (using NS) thanks to this site (Connect, a name that serves the purpose).

And being open and allowing more people to help has proven to be a really successful strategy in many places and software projects (again IMHO).