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Powershell Scripting support in SSR 2013

Created: 24 Feb 2013 • 1 comment
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Symantec system recovery 2013 supports powershell based scripting. There are 25 powershell scripts which will help user in automating their environment. These scripts are located on the install media at the following location :


The powershell scripts provides ways to automate various operations. Operations are divided into following categories :

  • Backup :
    • AddImageJob
    • CreateBaseImageNow
    • CreateImageNow
    • CreateIncrementalImage
  • Restore :
    • RestoreImage
    • Delayed_Restore
  • Virtual :
    • CreateVirtual
    • CreateVirtualConversionForESXServer
    • CreateVirtualMachineFromSv2i
  • Install :
    • SilentInstall
    • InstallLicense
    • Lights Out Restore Install
  • Utility Scripts :
    • Cancel_A_Scheduled_Job
    • ConsolidateRecoveryPoints
    • CopyToDestination
    • CopyVolume
    • DeleteRecoveryPoints
    • MountV2iVolume
    • MoveDestination
    • Query_History
    • QueryJobStatus
    • RemoveAllJobs
    • UnMountV2iVolume
    • RunJobNow

All scripts are well documented and Also having these scripts in powershell allows easy customization. You can check the API's in scripts and use it as per your need in your automated scripts.

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I was unable to create a file and folder backup job using exclusions like temp folder or internet files.

How can I use the api to create exlusions in a backup job?

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