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Preparing for the Inevitable

Created: 26 Apr 2009 • 7 comments
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Let’s face it team, all of us know that we shall be facing with a virus infection/ outbreak in the near future. Preparation is the key to be resilient on pending virus attacks. In order for us to be prepared, we need to be informed with accurate, intelligent and factual data coming from a reliable source. With these things put together, the chances for us to be pillaged by unknown destructive elements would be minimal.

One good example was when we got information that had word on a possible outbreak of the computer worm CONFLICKER.C a.k.a. W32.Downadup.C on April fool’s Day. Since the site was legitimate, we then geared on how we could deflect a possible breach. We also verified this with other reliable sources with the same positive information. Good thing, Symantec already had posted multiple articles on this worm. We then started to monitor virus definitions updates in all our branches and initiated/ follow up the manual updates if they could not be pushed. Vulnerabilities and would be breaches in security were also checked and corrected.

We had also made other safety precusions if ever all else fails.

Communications was very crucial as the countdown was nearing zero. A few days before the expected outbreak, we were already 100% updated with the prescribed minimum definitions to detected and outwit the infection. We were focused in maintaining the numbers until April fool's Day came. 

We were prepared but are we ready?
This question was answered when the time came and we were still clean after a short prescribed period.
Some might think that it might not happen at all but it was worth the effort.

The bottom line is that “We diligently prepared for the inevitable whether or not it would come”.

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mon_raralio's picture

Not bad... :D
Well done on the prep.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

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Nice post, Neo is that you?

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shaun_b's picture

two words: vulnerability assessments

Understanding where you are at risk is probably the most crucial piece (IMO) to managing risk and being prepared. Couldn't agree more with this thread.

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Jobert's picture

We just need to be carefull about wrong information...
Misinformation usually is used to divert our attention to the real deal...
hope that Symantec would also give us info about future attacks if ever...

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Kristel's picture

thanks for the insites...
hope we see more about internal security,,,

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Sheila Marie's picture

good blog..
hope to read more of this..

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