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Prime Angus Cuts: Links of Week 10-3-2008

Created: 03 Oct 2008 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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This week's edition of Prime Angus Cuts has a little bit of everything - a white paper, a countdown, and night vision goggles. Yep. It was one of those weeks.

First Time Here? A Marketer-Oriented Approach to Optimizing Online Conversions
You know your costs are higher to acquire new customers than to foster repeat customers. Sitebrand just released a new white paper that provides a practical approach to converting first time visitors into purchasing customers.

Best Buy offers new APIs
All retailers provide product feeds, but few provide APIs. Joshua-Michele Ross on O'Reilly Radar discussed the new open source APIs from Best Buy (aka Best Buy Remix) and why an open approach will help them succeed over their closed competitors. I went to Remix and played with some of the early apps in their widget gallery. I created a basic countdown for release of Far Cry 2, which is at the top of my video game wish list, and added it to my Google home page.

$80 Night Vision Goggles
About this time of year, the lists start coming out for the top toys and gadgets for this holiday shopping season. If you are an affiliate marketer, these lists can lead to some great commissions. When PC World posted a sneak peek of notable gadgets, one item jumped out at me... the EyeClops Night Vision from Jakks Pacific. Like most humans, I can't see anything in the dark.Plus I don't have the budget for military grade night vision goggles. These is sooooo cool. Do they work? Check out a review on Ars Technica.

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