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Prime Angus Cuts: Links of Week 12-12-2008

Created: 12 Dec 2008 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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This week's edition of Prime Angus Cuts is dedicated to my favorite micro-blogging, social networking site, Twitter. If you personally have not joined the conversation on Twitter, you should. If you have not thought about how that conversation can help your brand and drive more sales, you must.

Of course, it would be fantastic is you would follow me @bobangus to see what I have to say in 140 characters or less.

Here are a several great articles that you can help you get the most out of Twitter.

Your Customers are Tweeting About You

The classic argument for not using Twitter is "I don't use it because it's not for me. I don't get why someone would care what I am doing." There is a common misconception that Twitter is the same as livestreaming, or basically telling the world what you are doing every 10 minutes. Here is a post from Get Elastic that will help you overcome that view. Tapping Twitter to Understand Customers and Develop Personas.

The bottom line: Your customers are talking about you whether you are there or not. So why not join the conversation?

Follow Someone Who Knows Ecommerce

The love for Get Elastic's guidance continues. They just posted their Big List of Ecommerce Gurus Who Twitter.
This list is a who's-who of Ecommerce blogs that are also active on
Twitter. I personally follow everyone on the list and enjoy the
insights that they express everyday. Linda (@Roxyyo) was kind enough to even
include me on the list! I am blushing.

Do Brands Belong on Twitter?

The emphatic answer to this question is... Yes. But you have to be careful and here's why. This post on Mashable is a typical reaction that can occur if you just start broadcasting your message, but don't communicate. I fundamentally disagree with the blogger's opinion, but it is a good reminder. Consumers do not like it when your message adds no value and then you blast it at them incessantly. That goes for any media, online or offline, not just Twitter.

Picture of the Week

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Frosty Angus Morning by moos