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Prime Angus Cuts: Links of the Week 6-5-2009

Created: 05 Jun 2009 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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This week's edition of Prime Angus Cuts offers up some great articles about understanding customer lifecycles and how to effectively harness that understanding into bigger sales. Make sure to save these articles. You'll want to reference them in the future.

Building Advocacy Before the Purchase

Doug at Retail Contrarian is explains that many retailers only think about building raving fans after someone has become a customer. That's totally wrong. You want advocates for your brand and products as part of the pre-purchase part of the customer lifecycle.

How can personalization help shorten a multiple-visit sales cycle?

Dan from Sitebrand's Persuasive E-marketing blog discusses how luxury online retailers and those with longer sales cycles can increase conversions... and shorten the sales cycle. Sure a discount offer helps a customer push the "Buy Now" button. For non-impulse purchases, customers who experience some personal attention will move to purchase faster. Even something as simple as a newsletter can help.

How Many Potential Buyers Are Visiting Your Website?

"On a typical website, 3% of visitors are Buyers and the other 97% are either the Potential Buyers and Disqualified traffic." Bryan at Future Now's GrokDotCom recommends that you chat with your web analyst, because they can help you boost sales by:

  • segmenting and understanding that 97% of non-buying traffic better
  • bringing in less bad traffic and finding more quality prospects or potential buyers
  • and of course what can turn those potential buyers into paying customers.

Increase Conversion Rates by Identifying Funnels and Goals

Now that we understand something about our traffic and customers, Michael at Practical Ecommerce provides some landing page and exit page advice. Use your analytics data and help your customers get exactly what they want by personalizing their experience.

Have a great weekend!