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Prime Angus Cuts: Links of Week 9-26-2008

Created: 26 Sep 2008 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • 1 comment
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The concept of developing customer segments and personas is a well-known marketing practice. You ability to know who your different customers segments are, what they like/dislike, where they are, and how they transact is critical to successfully selling anything. This week I would like share with you some great articles that provide great actionable advice based on good customer segmentation.

Optimizing Product Reviews for Different Buyer Personalities
This post by Linda Bustos of Get Elastic takes a look at 4 major customer segments - competitive shoppers, spontaneous shoppers, methodical shoppers, and humanistic shoppers. Based on each type of shopper and their characteristics, Linda offers excellent examples of how you can capture their attention, interest and desire with customer reviews. The end result is that they're more
likely to buy from your store.

Social Networking and the Multi-Channel Shopper
Louis Columbus of CRM Buyer wrote a great article on E-Commerce Times that discusses the importance of shoppers who buy from you, but through multiple channels. These multi-channel customers are often your most loyal customers and they tend to spend the most. Louis guides you on how to use feedback via social networking to better understand these valuable customers to optimize you content, offers, and cross-channel campaigns.

Know Thy Audience Members (That Means Thinking Like Them)

Have you ever looked at an ad or offer and said to yourself, "What were they thinking?" Robyn of BlueAcorn had a recent experience like that. She shares a profound example of bad marketing and reminds us all of some of the basic things you need to do to avoid making the same mistake.

Picture of the Week

Cows 1 by flikr.jpg
Note that I am not suggesting that customers are like cattle. I just love cow pictures. I'm an Angus after all.

Cows 1 by flikr

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Thanks very much for the kind words on that article. I had been lecturing on those topics and decided to get them down on paper. It is my hope those who read it benefit. Have a nice weekend everyone.

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