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The Problem With Virtualization....

Created: 27 Jun 2011 • Updated: 25 Jun 2013
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Last week, I hosted several Virtualization events for customers in various regions around Europe. The events were partly an opportunity for Symantec to showcase its very latest offerings in the virtualization space. More importantly, though, they gave us the opportunity to speak with our most important customers about the own virtualization journeys.

When asking our audience about the positive aspects of the virtualization experience, there where no big surprises. Several organisations stated that they had achieved large cost savings and even more cited "IT agility" as being massively improved since the introduction of virtualization technique.

The interesting feedback came when I started to ask about "lessons learned" and "issues with implementations today"..

Check out these stats.. (I took a quick poll at each session and jotted down the results so that I could report back on this blog)..

On average, our audiences (senior level IT execs from companies with more than 1000 employees) reckoned that around 40% of the data hosted on virtual machines was not backed up or archived in any way.

Similarly, the audiences that we met told us that only around 40% of virtual servers were included as part of a disaster recovery plan !

In my view, organisations have become too focused on the efficiency benefits associated with aggressive virtualization and more attention needs to be given to balancing this with good old fashioned risk management policy.