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Protecting against brand damage from online crime

Created: 29 Apr 2009 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012 • 4 comments
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Here's a cool Advertising Age article about how businesses view online crime and brand damage and what they do about it.

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sidney's picture

Nice article.

I do notice that maybe OTA made a mistake. Sears seems to use SSL (and your seal) and MetLife uses SSL from Equifax.

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Tim Callan's picture

Good catch. FYI, Equifax is actually the root behind the GeoTrust brand of SSL.

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tangobravo's picture

Could you please do a review of some of the EV SSL certificate contracts? I'm looking at one right now that states in paragraph 19.2:
"Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, Subscriber (that's me) agrees, during the term of this Agreement, that Provider (that's them) may:
(i) revise the terms and ocnditions of this Agreement; and/or
(ii) change part of the services provided under this Agreement at any time."

Are they all this brazen? Do I have other choices or must I submit to such a one-sided contract in order to provide my e-commerce customer with a safe experience?

Thank you for this blog.

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Tim Callan's picture

Thanks for the feedback, tb. These clickthroughs are always a tough one. We need to operate a standard contract for a very large number of people. We can't possibly have hand-crafted contracts with every retail SSL customer just as you wouldn't want to hire a lawyer to buy a single certificate from us. That means the clickthrough agreement needs this kind of language, and I don't see a good way around it.

For example, you may be a customer who has chosen to post the VeriSign Secured Seal. Well, we maintain a product roadmap for the seal just as we do for other services, and occasionally that means we roll out an improvement. With more than a million active certificates in the market, I can't conceivable go back to each individual customer and get a new agreement signed before I roll out the improvement to the seal. So when you use our product, we get blanket permission to make this sort of update.

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