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Information Unleashed

Protecting the Next Flood of Information

Created: 03 Jan 2014 • Updated: 06 Jan 2014 • 6 comments
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At Symantec, we make the world a safer place by helping people, businesses, and governments protect and manage their information, so they can focus on achieving their goals.

And protecting information is becoming an ever-greater challenge as the amount dramatically increases and it’s stored in a growing number of locations.

The flood of information is just starting: IDC in its Digital Universe study predicts that there will be 40 Zettabytes of data by 2020. As a comparison, there are only 1.3 Zetta liters of water stored in all of the earth’s oceans. There will be only 1.5 Zetta seconds that tick by during the course of 50 billion years. We are creating and storing an incomprehensible amount of information.

Symantec’s strategy is simple – we will protect, secure and manage our customers’ information wherever it lives. And as more and more information is stored in and delivered from the cloud, Symantec is there to protect it.

We know the approach to securing information must change. Security can no longer be about running numerous point products. Customers want unified security – security that’s multi-tier, multi-layer, integrated and automated – all delivered as a service.  Unified security enables visibility into an organization’s compliance and security posture, giving an enterprise the ability to:

  • take a risk-based approach to identify and protect their most important assets
  • keep the bad guys out
  • minimize the impact of a cybersecurity event
  • respond  and recover quickly

Unified security means big data security intelligence delivered from the cloud, leveraging telemetry from millions of mobile endpoints – to be able to protect information from the most advanced threats. Symantec is there today.

And to truly secure, manage and derive value from this mountain of information, we need to better understand it by leveraging meta-data and analytics. Enterprise information is stored in isolated repositories that are secured and managed separately – and this just gets harder with information moving to a variety of clouds. These silos of information must be tied together into an information fabric. This information fabric will enable businesses to have a consistent view across their information tier, to be able to create the right policies around their information and to be able to efficiently store and deliver their information assets.

As Symantec executes on our strategy to provide unified security and information fabric into our customers’ evolving hybrid cloud environments, we are already delivering a comprehensive set of cloud services from across our portfolio including:

  • Symantec’s Email and Enterprise enable our customers to secure, store, manage and discover their business-critical information.
  • Symantec’s Web Site Security Solutions put the “s” in https – we deliver SSL, certificate management, vulnerability assessment and malware scanning from the Symantec cloud.
  • Symantec’s digital certificate-based trust services supports over 200 million devices, including cable set-top boxes, delivered and managed from our cloud-based platform
  • Symantec VIP is our cloud-based strong authentication service that enables secure access to networks and applications while preventing access by malicious unauthorized attackers.
  • Symantec protects our consumer customers’ data by backing up more than 120 petabytes in our Norton backup cloud.
  • Norton Zone is our cloud-based secure sync and share platform – which allows users to easily share files and folders protected by high-level, industrial-grade encryption both during transfer and while stored in our secure data centers.
  • Symantec and Microsoft have a joint effort to deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), leveraging Symantec data replication and failover management to Microsoft's Azure cloud services.
  • Symantec is building a next generation cloud platform and hiring top-tier talent, including SVP of cloud platform engineering Stephen McHenry from Google.

Cloud is infused in everything we do. As the nature of cloud computing matures, it’s less about the “cloud” and more about the secure delivery of powerful services. The world will continue to become more complex; Symantec is dedicated to working with partners to build rich ecosystems to protect and manage our customers’ information.

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Ketan Pachpande's picture

Thanks Steve. Proud to have such enthusiatic leader !!

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Ken Totura's picture

Steve, great blog.  Staggering to consider the permutation of data being stored. 

It makes me wonder -

  • Should there be a standard to watermark the "confidentiality quotiant" of a particular piece of data? Should all information be treated the same?  Is that realistic?
  • How much additional information will be stored once electronic medical records become the norm and manila folders with patient records sitting in a filing cabinet at the doctor's office become antiquated?
  • Is there a form factor beyond "cloud"?
  • Can we digitize the "bad guys" and store them, say in Enterprise Vault, while they serve out their sentence?

One thing is clear though, it's a great time to be a Symantec Partner!

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Gavin_Tinnie-King's picture

I like the direction this company is heading. I applaud the vision and 4.0 strategy.

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Ray_Katos's picture

That's a great statement of direction, positive, and forward thinking. Symantec is well situated to take advantage of one of the hottest technology trends to date: cloud computing.

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Danica0420's picture

I love Symantec and all the hard work they do to ensure that all customers are satisfied fully. It's leaders like this that every company needs to encourage their coworkers, to bring in customers and to be known as the best out in the world. Great job!

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Techfollower's picture

I hope the statement of direction and the vision is backed by a strong core team and with strategic acquisitions.

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