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Protection from phishing a high priority for sites

Created: 30 Mar 2006 • Updated: 18 Dec 2012
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This NetworkWorld article shows the extent companies will go to in order to protect themselves from phishing. In this case, we're talking about signing e-mails with digital certificates. Even though it's an added expense that comes with additional IT burden, and even though it only works for a segment of the company's customers, this German bank is still making the investment because it understands the importance of keeping its customers online rather than going in to visit branch offices.

This problem is the one that High Assurance SSL Certificates are designed to fix. The companies that know the bottom-line value of customers using the Web site are going to any lengths they can to keep them coming in that way. Once they're able to put High Assurance certificates on their pages, that will offer an unprecedented degree of phishing protection to that segment of their customers that are using Internet Explorer 7 (and let's hope other browsers soon thereafter).