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Publishing a Workflow Application - What to Do When Your Application Does Not Show Up

Created: 06 Aug 2009 • Updated: 06 Aug 2009
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Most of the time, after installing and properly configuring Workflow, the ability to publish developed applications is intact and works well.  Recently, while attempting to publish a workflow project to the webserver, the publishing process appears to complete correctly, and the files were copied to the correct location.  But when opening the browser and attempting to run the application, it would not run.  And further research proved that the workflow virtual directories were not appearing in IIS.  

After some troubleshooting efforts, it was determined that the Web Site ID was not set correctly in WorkFlow.  This probably occurred as a result of the default web-site being removed.  To fix this, the Web Site ID must be configured in Workflow to match the Workflow Web Site ID in IIS, and the steps to resolve this are outlined below:

1.  Determine what the Web Site ID in IIS is, on the workflow server.

     a.  Open IIS, and, in the left tree-view, expand the server, and click on 'Web Sites

     b.  In the right window, you will see that there are two web-sites configured, the "Default Web Site", which has an identifier (Web Site ID) of 1, and the "Workflow" web site, which has a identifier of 348353381, as shown below.  This is the value we need to make sure is configured in the Workflow application. 

imagebrowser image

2.  We next need to determine how Workflow is configured, and modify it to match.

   a.  On the Workflow Server, open Workflow's "Server Extensions Configurator", by either browsing to Start> Programs> Altiris> Workflow Designer> Tools> Server Extensions Configurator, or right-clicking on the Workflow server tray icon, and clicking on Shortcuts> Server Extensions Configurator.

   b.  Under the Deployment heading, click on the button to modify Deployment Info, as shown below.

imagebrowser image

3.  We next need to select the correct Web Site for Workflow.

     a.  Change the "IISRoot Path", by selecting the correct path.  To do so, click on the button to the right of the listed path.

imagebrowser image

and lastly select the correct web site.

imagebrowser image

3.  Click OK to save your settings, and OK and Save to close out the Server Extensions Configurator.

4.  Click Start > Run, then enter "IISRESET" and click OK.

You should then be able publish your workflow applications to the web server.