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Putting the no in innovation

Created: 06 Oct 2011 • Updated: 19 May 2014
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Another Vision event draws to a close and what a great few days it has been!

There have been many highs, few lows - and those have been self-inflicted - and lots to learn.  VCS 6.0 looks great - VOM and VBS really are going to make a huge difference to how we look after the service and not just the infrastructure.  This then exploded onto the iPad which showed how amazingly connected we all are all the time.  Want to see the state of your service?  Open your mobile device and see realtime data right there.

We've then been shown how you can join your personal mobile device and your personal data with that of the corporate world - safely, securely and not just for the company but you too.  This is really exciting and to me shows the year ahead will be packed full of great ideas and fun.

Why have I chosen 'putting the no in innovation' as the title.  Well, this Vision event has highlighted quite clearly that Symantec are not there to just sell a single, canned solution.  They can see that to succeed we need to be aware of everything and not just what looks good at the time.  To paraphrase Dr Reger - we don't ask about the scissors when we want a haircut.  The scissors are a tool to get our hair cut. Likewise we must not forget that IT is there to service the business and for the *entire* company to benefit our customers better.

I really like this photo of Enrique Salem and my original intention was to doctor it with a witty phrase - probably around fingerprints and iPads - but actually I think it stands on its own as a serious, forward looking picture!

End to end, holistic management - this sums up some of the top areas.