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SWV, LSASS and Long Login Times

Created: 08 Oct 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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Back in April I posted about how with SWV 6.1 would no longer ignore LSASS by default, meaning you could capture MSSQL and similar applications into a layer.  With the release of SWV 6.1 a lot of people started complaining about long delay when logging into a domain. This was caused by SWV no longer ignoring LSASS.

With SWV 6.1 SP1 we've decided to ignore LSASS again so that people wouldn't see the login issue. So if, for some reason, you need to capture something that only worked with SWV 6.1 make sure to keep the installer because it might not capture in SWV 6.1 SP1.

We do have plans to eventually re-support the LSASS scenarios, but I'm not aware of any time frame for doing so.