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Redesign Simplifies Options For Getting Trust Seal

Created: 03 Jun 2011 • Updated: 03 Jun 2014
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The VeriSign Seal is an important offering for the company as well as a symbol of trust for many online. As we started to offer more ways customers could get the seal, it introduced some confusion. Customers can either buy the seal by itself or buy an SSL Certificate which includes the seal.

The VeriSign Seal page has two main goals - one, to help customers understand the two options for getting the seal and what the differences are; and two, to help them install the seal. The modifications we made the the existing page did not seem to be addressing this clearly enough. The first call to action on the page was to install the seal which seemed to suggest you could simply install the seal without purchasing it. And, the second call to action was to buy SSL Certificates which seemed to be divergent from the subject of the page as it didn't provide enough context as to why it located there.

How to get a trust seal page - before

As a result, this section of the page was redesigned to clearly address the goals of the page and needs of users. Following the concept of a new versus returning user, we split out the content between new customers looking to buy a seal versus existing customers who had already bought a seal and simply needed to install it. This transactional box provides the two options for buying a trust seal and an explanation of the main differences between the options. The content is positioned as answers to questions "Need a VeriSign Seal?" and "Ready to Install Your Seal?". The seal installation language and label on the call to action button were simplified to more user-friendly language. Instead of things like 'create script' and 'get the seal installation script', we've opted for "Ready to Install Your Seal?" and "Install Seal".

The column headers of the table which provide a deep dive of the options for buying a seal, now provide more context. Instead of jumping directly into SSL Certificates, it now provides information as to how buying an SSL Certificate helps you get a Trust Seal - i.e. "VeriSign SSL Certificate Includes VeriSign Trust Seal" and instead of just "VeriSign Trust Seal", it now reads "VeriSign Trust Seal Only" making clear that this option gets you the Seal only and no SSL encryption.

How to get a trust seal page - after

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