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Regenerating Altiris Resource Components

Created: 06 Mar 2008 • Updated: 06 Mar 2008
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When working with Workflow Solution one might need to regenerate components. This document provides information on regenerating an Altiris resource component so it will pull new information within the Altiris CMDB.


Our issue was that we created custom Asset Types with specific Asset classes and wanted to map a workflow to this Asset Type. However, within the Create Resource Component, we could neither see nor get our custom Asset Type to show up.


To regenerate a resource component follow these steps:

Please note: All workflows should be closed during this process.
  1. Create a new Integration project within the designer tool.
  2. When the following box appears select 'Altiris Resource Component Generator'. Answer 'Yes' to the Singleton question.
  3. Select from the drop down the NS server which you created the new resources types on and then click 'Continue'. Picture below:
  4. The generator will scan the NS server which you selected. This process could take a few minutes to complete. When complete click 'Next'.
  5. At the next dialog box select 'Adjust Definitions':
  6. At the next screen leave the default methods checked and click 'Next':
  7. The next dialog click on the 'Recompile and Close'.
  8. Now, reload your workflow and the components should have all the custom asset types which were not in the component.