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Reinvention is Essential in Today’s Economic Climate

Created: 18 Aug 2009 • Updated: 18 Aug 2009
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I’m at Xchange 2009 today with several Symantec partners and the theme of this year’s event is “Reinvention”. In today’s business landscape, reinvention is vital to the viability of a company. The ability to find opportunities in any situation can be a company’s greatest strength. Self-analysis followed by innovation and improvement is the essence of reinvention. Solution providers today have a great opportunity to leverage efficiencies, adopt new skills and make wise investments to drive return on investment.

Bravely embracing new opportunities for reinvention and increasing investments in what’s working now can have a significant impact on a solution provider’s business. Solution providers can ensure success by implementing the following suggestions:
• Identify emerging market opportunities
• Assess your strengths
• Ensure you understand your customers
• Define what it will take to acquire customers and retain them

Along with reinvention, reinvesting can position you to better address your customers’ business needs. The following steps can help you drive greater results from your business:
• Invest in education and specialization
• Invest in relationships and utilize networking
• Deepen your investment in existing programs
• Leverage financing options

Reinventing and reinvesting can alleviate many of the challenges a company may face while establishing a much needed ROI. It is important for solution providers to seek out those vendors who are committed to providing partners with focused resources and programs that complement the reinvention and reinvestment process.