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Release of Symantec pl.xml version 7.0.68

Created: 07 Feb 2011 • Updated: 07 Feb 2011
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A new pl.xml file was released yesterday. Here are the details:

 Modified date:  2011-02-04 20:57
 Size:   29236534 bytes (27.9 MiB)
 MD5 hash:  d2fe1209bdcfa6ddbd743e77e5833663
 Description:  Additional changes for Etrack 2231852

Some interesting changes in this release (not exhaustive):

  • "Data Loss Prevention Integration Component" was removed from the xml
  • "Symantec Administrator SDK" now has 3 additional components:
    • "Symantec ASDK NS Server x64"
    • "Symantec ASDK Task Server x64"
    • "Symantec ASDK SoftwareDelivery Full Server x64"
  • Products updated with plArchitecture="x86, x64" (x64 added):
    • "Altiris Event Console Language Support SP4"
    • "Symantec Workflow Solution sp1"
    • "Symantec Workflow Language Support SP1"
    • "Dell Client Manager SP1 Documentation" (why -> x64 doco?)
    • "Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Management Solution HF1"
    • "Symantec Installation Manager"
    • "Altiris Agent for UNIX, Linux and Mac SP3"
    • "Altiris Network Discovery SP3"
    • "IT Analytics Solution SP2"
    • ...
  • Incompatibility with "IT Analytics ServiceDesk Pack" (GA and SP1)
    • "Altiris Software Management Solution SP2 MR3"
    • "Altiris Deployment Solution Core MR3"
    • "Altiris IT Management Suite MR3"
    • "Altiris Patch Management Solution Core Services SP2 MR3"
    • "Altiris Inventory Solution SP2 MR3"
  • "IT Analytics ServiceDesk Pack SP1 MR1" was removed
  • "Data Loss Prevention Integration Component Langauge Support" was removed
  • "Symantec Workflow Language Support SP2" changed base eula definition from "SymantecBaseEula" to "WorkFlowEula"
  • Dependency on SIM 7.0.556 added to:
    • "Data Loss Prevention Integration Component" version 10.5.0
    • "Data Loss Prevention Integration Component" version 10.5.2010

A diff file (Unix end-of-line formatted) on the enu only version of the (against version 7.0.66, MD5 e104494c9cfa9a20e1d14048ca98f693) is attached here.